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Executive Search

We offer our clients a full service, supporting you through every step of the process.  We partner with you on every aspect of the talent acquisition process from advising on team structure and role definition right through to drafting role descriptions, KPIs, benchmarking, market mapping, search and selection.

The Temple team is known for finding outstanding talent who may not be actively looking for a role. We help run the interview process, design interview formats and evaluation tools.  We conduct reference and any background checking where required and we support our clients and candidates after the hire to make sure the appointment is a success.


Sometimes corporate affairs teams evolve to suit the purposes of an organisation at a particular point in time.  Temple can review your team and advise on a structure to best suit your organisation now and into the future.

Our experience in leading corporate affairs teams means we can scope roles and define them in very practical terms, giving your team a structure that works and roles that are fulfilling and provide real value back to the business.

We also advise on benchmarking and measurement of your team’s performance as well as enhancing the performance of your team.


Temple can create unique professional development programs for you and your corporate affairs team ranging from one-on-one coaching to one-day team seminars.

From internal seminars to learn about the latest developments in digital and social media, government or the changing face of mainstream media, to media training for your own team and management coaching specifically for corporate affairs executives, Temple can offer unique programs stemming from our extensive corporate affairs experience and networks.

Beyond professional development, Temple’s training events also help to develop team engagement and an improved team culture.

To talk on one of the Temple team about our services, contact us.