We are not a database-reliant search firm. We have assembled a human database in the leaders of the business and our senior team, who are able to conduct deep and thorough search processes simply by tapping into their personal networks which have been developed over many years of trusted service within corporate affairs and communications.

Temple Executive Search focuses on finding our clients the top practitioners in media, government and investor relations, stakeholder management and employee engagement using our deep experience in each of these fields and our vast networks.

We can offer our clients unique insights and advice because we’ve actually performed many of these roles ourselves – we’ve run agencies, led in-house corporate affairs functions, worked as political staffers, and advised a huge range of companies as consultants. As a result, we know the roles, and the best people to fill them. Chances are we have worked with, consulted to, or are one degree of separation away from the right candidate for the roles we are engaged to fill.

Our work is based on research and insight so we are not simply presenting clients with job seekers but with the best practitioners in the market for the role – both in terms of skills and cultural fit.