Thorough search processes, not database management

Our approach is unique because we understand the roles that our clients need to fill and we know the best people to fill them. Chances are we have worked with them, consulted to them or are one degree of separation from someone who has. The combined network and reach of Temple’s team means we conduct thorough search processes for every assignment. We find our clients the best talent in the market, including the talent that’s not currently on the market.

We manage the entire process for our clients- from advice on remuneration, to reporting and drafting job descriptions, to package negotiations with the successful candidate.

At each stage, our clients are kept full informed of our progress and have full control over the process.

Advice, Strategy, and Development

With our years of experience setting up teams and training them, we can help structure your corporate affairs function and once the team is established, provide professional development for them ranging from one on one coaching through to full day workshops.